Choose to be SOMEONE, not ANYONE

if not then... at least now!

Creator of Dreams


That's how many of the people I collaborate with use to call me. And this is what I like to do: help entrepreneurs believe and fall in love with their brands, so that they can be proud while offering quality services and products, thus constantly evolving the brand!

Hello, Razvan Jianu here, made 100% in Romania and active in the online environment since 2002! I have been described in many ways: creator of dreams, entrepreneur, father & husband, student & mentor, colleague, friend, human on Earth.

Having strong experience while working on 6 continents, in 30+ countries and 50+ different industries, allowed me to understand the challenges different brands face and how to overcome them. I enjoy helping companies and people find their brand identity by doing market analysis, creating the story and marketing strategies needed to grow the concept.

When I have some free time, I like to get involved in entrepreneurship social events, collaborating with various organizations, clubs, universities and high schools.

Courses & accreditations
• Digital Marketing & Networking • EMPRETEC - Entrepreneurial Training Workshop • Entrepreneurship competency • Flexability Management by The City and Guilds of London Institute • GPEC conferences • MasterMind "Inspiration" • Mentorship certificate • NLP Practitioner ARONLP • NLP Practitioner IANLP

Speaker and event organizer (some examples)
• Personal branding: How choices define you • Entrepreneurial workshops and Innovation Days • Evening workshops - Digital Marketing Workshop • I want to be an entrepreneur • What is marketing? A story with and about marketing • Branding & digital marketing • Stories to take the entrepreneur out of you • Sales and negotiation techniques • Adopt a high school • Elevan Experiences

Member of various national and international organizations
• Romanian Business Leaders • Junior Chamber International • Romanian Business Club

Media & press appearances
• TVR • Digi 24 • Alege TV • RFI Romania • Radio Sud • Gazeta de Sud • Micapi

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Thoughts (in which I believe)

Smile now and always…

During this wonderful journey, we should always remember to smile... It is the cheapest medicine in the world! Serious illnesses were cured with the right attitude and lots of smiles. So why don’t we all smile more?

Transparency is king

I am transparent with all the people in my life, because I want them to see me as I am, not through different masks. If you like what you see and I like what I see in you, we can develop a beautiful relationship together.

Good communication is the queen

I like to communicate with people around me, not just talk. And I like to understand their emotions and communicate as specifically as possible, so that the person next to me understands what I want to convey, and I understand him or her.

The power lies in us

Together we can go faster and further. Each of us will make up for the other's shortcomings and we will motivate ourselves when various obstacles arise. Instead of eating my own bread, I prefer to share it with those close to me and go on the path of life together.

Don't give up. Never.

The one who refuses to give up will be the winner. Each successful person overcame several obstacles before reaching where she or he wanted. However, I like challenges and overcoming them. But in order to do that, I surround myself with the right people, attitude and skills!

I don't know them all

I'm a smart guy, but I think there is always room for improvement: reading a book or a good article, watching a video or just staying open to outside ideas. The more I learn, the more I grow and the better services I can offer to people around me.

Projects (close to my heart)

Agentie publicitate Pion Media

Pion Media

A team of specialists and beautiful people gathered under the same symbol! Operating as a full-service advertising company, we can take your idea (or dream) and turn it into a well-defined brand. From analysis to design, visual identity, web design and development, marketing, brand management or PR, you have everything you need in one place.

And where we cannot help you, we have strong allies ready to intervene and provide high quality services, so that you can purchase all services from a single provider.

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This is a dream come true for me. After years and years of working with brands, I saw everything: good ideas dying without becoming actual brands, brands that went down or disappeared, or those which grew from local to national or received international recognition.

So, one day I decided: we had to create a platform and a community to help all Romanian brands. This is how Brandoteca - the library of Romanian brands - appeared.

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Aplicatia FameUp


When the FameUp team approached me, telling that they wanted to develop an application that interconnects small and medium influencers with brands, thus helping the former to get offers and earn money, and the latter to generate exposure and sales, I couldn't say anything but "Let's jump in the boat and start sailing!"

Our goal was to turn this project into an international point of interest for brands and influencers, helping both parties in the same time. And that's exactly what we did!

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Conferinte Razvan Jianu

Conferences and events

When time allows, I like to participate in events organized by high schools, universities or companies, talking to teenagers and adults alike about how the business world works and how I managed to develop my company and projects. On the other hand, participating in business clubs, going to marketing conferences and workshops is another thing I do with pleasure.

Being with other entrepreneurs, people who are not afraid to dream and act accordingly, is something that charges my batteries and makes me want to become better at what I do. I am eager to learn from the people I meet along my way. However, there are certain topics that I really enjoy talking about: branding, marketing, sales, negotiation and self-motivation (how to never give up on your dream).

Collaborators and friends


If you have an interesting project or an idea to discuss and you think you could use my (or my team's) skills, contact me!

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